20 - 21 July 2023
Bengaluru, India

Press Release 1 July 2023

ASW 2023 proud to present Pratibha Syntex, IDFL, Intertek, Smukk as Official Partners

The excitement is reaching its peak as the apparel and fashion retail industry gears up for the highly anticipated Apparel Sourcing Week (ASW) 2023.

With each passing day, the tempo surrounding the third edition of ASW is building up as the fashion supply chain stakeholders prepare to showcase their products, exchange ideas and explore new business opportunities.

This dynamic event which promises to be a hub of creativity and knowledge, shaping the future of fashion retail, is drawing support from all concerned even as Pratibha Syntex, IDFL, Intertek and Smukk have joined forces with ASW as valued official partners in different categories to make it an enriching and ultimate sourcing experience for all.

ASW welcomes onboard Pratibha Syntex, IDFL, Intertek and Smukk!

Pratibha Syntex (Gold Partner of SustainableNXT): From fibre to fashion, Pratibha Syntex is a sustainability-oriented, vertically-integrated manufacturer of knitted textile products since 1997 and aims to create organic relationships across the value chain as it connects 25,000 farmers, 6500 employees and apparel brands from over 20 countries.

Pratibha Syntex produces over 60 million pieces of apparel annually including innerwear, thermals and sleepwear, catering to the taste of more than 20 leading international brands across the globe.

Apart from manufacturing cotton, fibres, fabrics and apparel, Pratibha Syntex is also engaged in social initiatives to generate employment for rural women.

IDFL (Gold Partner): Committed to guaranteeing the quality of filled textile products and their raw material components, International Down and Feather Laboratory or IDFL is the global leader in auditing and testing for filled textiles.

Founded in 1978 in Salt Lake City, IDFL has established itself as a trusted authority in ensuring the quality, safety and performance of down, feathers and other fill materials used in bedding, apparel and outdoor gear.

IDFL’s rigorous auditing procedures guarantee compliance with industry standards and regulations, providing manufacturers, retailers and consumers with peace of mind even as through advanced testing methodologies and cutting-edge technology, the company meticulously evaluates fill products, assessing factors such as fill power, cleanliness, hypoallergenic properties and durability.

It is IDFL’s unwavering commitment to excellence that has made it a go-to partner for entities seeking superior quality assurance in filled textiles.

Intertek (Sustainability Partner): A Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, Intertek provides a systemic approach to supporting customers’ Quality Assurance efforts in each area of their operations including R&D, raw materials sourcing, components supplying, manufacturing, transportation, distribution and retail channels and consumer management.

Through its global network of state-of-the-art facilities (Intertek is an industry leader with more than 1,000 laboratories and offices and over 44,000 people in more than 100 countries) and industry-leading technical expertise, Intertek delivers Total Quality Assurance 24x7 with its industry-winning processes and customer-centric culture.

Whether your business is local or global, Intertek can help to ensure your products meet quality, health, environmental, safety and social accountability standards for virtually any market around the world through its innovative and bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification services.

With innovation being at the heart of its story of more than 130 years, the company holds extensive global accreditations, recognitions and agreements even as its knowledge and expertise in overcoming regulatory, market and supply chain hurdles makes it simply unrivalled!

Smukk (Session Partner): Dedicated to inspiring organisations and individuals to adopt a fresh perspective on surplus management, Smukk’s surplus management software and re-commerce marketplaces help manufacturers make the most of their excess inventory even as it enables manufacturers to boost profits and reduce waste by directly connecting them with the consumers and brands.

From inventory tracking to sales, Smukk ensures that manufacturers have complete visibility and transparency, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding surplus inventory.

A strong believer that by effective surplus management, manufacturers can unlock new opportunities and make a positive impact on their bottom line and the environment, Smukk takes care of the entire fulfillment process, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish.

About Apparel Sourcing Week 2023

Apparel Sourcing Week 2023, a three-day Sourcing Show not only provides the Asian manufacturers a platform to showcase their products & manufacturing capabilities to the Brands & Retailers from all over the world including India, but also extends them a chance to attend the multiple seminars (headed by industry experts), workshops, open-house discussions and networking opportunities organised during these three days, which would help the manufacturers get a better understanding of Indian and International Retail and evolving dynamics of sourcing in various markets and retail formats.

About the Organiser

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