20 - 21 July 2023
Bengaluru, India

Press Release 17 June 2023

Jury list announced for SustainableNXT Awards!

A concurrent event to Apparel Sourcing Week (ASW)SustainableNXT is an audited showcase of innovations and innovators throughout the supply chain.

Aimed at promoting the agenda of sustainability and a greener future, SustainableNXT will recognise the sustainable efforts of 25 individuals and entities across 5 different categories through the much-acclaimed SustainableNXT Awards to be held on the evening of 20th July (Day-1 of ASW 2023) at Sheraton Grand Hotel in Bengaluru.

As exciting as it sounds, we have roped in 9 luminaries, with proven track records in different walks of sustainability as our jury, to decide the ultimate winners.

  1. Anant Ahuja, Head of Organisational Development, Shahi Exports: A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Anant holds the position of the Head of Organisational Development of Shahi (India’s largest apparel manufacturer and exporter) and is also the CEO and Co-founder of Good Business Lab, a not-for-profit, labour innovation lab which designs, tests and scales programs using rigorous research methods that align with the well-being of workers. 
  1. Anita Chester - Managing Director, Laudes India: A renowned sustainable development professional with global experience, Anita has comprehensive knowledge of the fashion apparel and textiles vertical from farm to consumer including sustainable agriculture, materials, circular economy, ethical supply chains and best practices in sourcing, production and business models. 
  1. Ashish Dhir, Executive Vice President (Consumer and Retail), 1Lattice: A thought leader in fashion value chain, apparel and textiles, Ashish specialises in Fashion and Lifestyle Domain, Retail Business Strategy, Go-to-Market Strategy and Business Plan. 
  1. Karthik ND, RMD (South Asia), Eurofins: Karthik is a reputed transformational leader specialising in Testing, Inspection Certification, Assurance Services and Industry 4.0. His astute expertise in Sustainability and Quality, Social and Environmental Compliance, People Development and Business Excellence makes him a leader in the sustainable domain.
  1. Naresh Tyagi - Chief Sustainability Officer, ABFRL: A dynamic leader with three decades of experience in Apparel, Textile and Retail Industry, Naresh's core areas of specialisation are Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility . Through his sustainability strategies, he has led changes in the practices and paradigms of sustainability.
  1. Priyanka Khanna, Head of Asia Expansion-Fashion for Good: An MBA from Oxford University with over 15 years of experience, Priyanka continues to drive the circular transition of the industry by bringing together the trifecta of suppliers, brands and innovators.
  1. Shabnam Bassi, Deputy CEO-cum-Secretary and Treasurer, GRIHA Council: With a proven track record in the International Affairs industry, Shabnam is an experienced Project Manager with a strong background in Sustainable Development, Management, Sustainability and Training.
  1. Suman Bethapudi, Senior Product Manager, Supply Chain Traceability, Amazon Private Brands: Having over 14 years of experience as a highly-skilled senior sustainability professional,  Suman excels in operational, strategic and leadership aspects of sustainability in the global context.
  1. Vivek Adhia - Director (Climate and Sustainability), BCG India: Vivek is a renowned name in the realm of sustainability, He excels in providing expert suggestions on the key issues of water, climate tech, climate change, sustainability and energy efficiency through his power-packed talks.

 Join the distinguished jury members at SustainableNXT as they decide the winners of SustainableNXT Awards.

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