Why Exhibit?

Why Exhibit ... the reasons are too many to ignore
As a show that bridges the sourcing gap between the Asian manufacturers and global buyers with special emphasis on Indian retail, APPAREL SOURCING WEEK, scheduled to be announced at Sheraton Grande -Whitefield, Bengaluru is the first ever global sourcing platform in India.
1. Credible Organisers:
This unique concept has been conceptualized and presented by Apparel Resources, the publishers of the widely read and respected magazines: Apparel Online and StitchWorld. With presence in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam, Apparel Resources is taking the lead in tapping the vibrancy of Asia as a manufacturing and prospective market destination.
2. Strategically located:
Open economy, vibrant culture, and political stability with English as an official language has made India an ideal choice for setting up of operations by international brands and retailers for their sourcing needs from South East Asia. Also, many international buyers and manufacturers from all major consumption centers and manufacturing destinations frequently visit the country to create collections and source fabric, yarns and other fashion accessories.
3. Interact with global sourcing teams:
Through a specially designed buyer program, the visitor team at ASW is meeting and inviting a good number of direct buyers from Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, looking to work with factories in this region. Meet these potential buyers as they search for new vendors.
4. Tap International brands/retailers through buying offices:
India is the home to many buying houses that work with international wholesalers and importers catering to a large number of small retailers in the west. The event will give an opportunity to meet and discuss business with buying & sourcing teams of international retailers and brands.
5. Growing domestic fashion market:
Sized at US $ 45 billion and projected to reach US $ 115 billion by 2026, Indian retail is driven by a strength of 1.2 billion people with an average age of 29, having the purchasing power to make the country the fourth largest economy and a potential market for manufacturing nations. The potential of local Indian retailers/brands, international retailers/brands and the growing digital platform for fashion, together create a dynamic market that is yet to realize its potential.
6. E-commerce is a growing opportunity:
Besides the brick & mortar stores, there are numerous online fashion retailers that are looking to source for their in-house labels and brands that they manage. There are also opportunities to sell own brands/labels through supplier programs…get to know about all these new avenues of growth.
7. Targeted knowledge platforms:
Apparel Sourcing Week 2021 will not only provide an opportunity to the exhibitors to showcase their company’s products and manufacturing capabilities but also will give them access to over 30 interactive knowledge and inspiration platforms to understand the evolving retail industry.
8. Invite only networking interventions:
Many networking opportunities from dinners, lunch and recreational activities are planned to allow networking in a relaxed and informal setting. These exclusive opportunities will provide a platform to meet perspective business partners from around the world and unwind even as hectic activities at ASW keep the buzz going.
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